The first band rehearsal was the last Sunday in January, 2011. Jessie joined us at the 2nd rehearsal which fell on Valentine's Day. The Oblique Sunday demo was recorded in May, 2011. Our first LP, Uplift was recorded March, 2012 at Yellowdog Studios in Austin, TX and released some fateful day in August.

Current members are: Richard Smith - guitars, springs and things, Charlie Void - drums n' stuff, Jessie - LoBro, keys and vocals.

Past members and current cohorts include: Jimmy Beveridge, Mike Corso and Jason Christian.

We are currently busy at work on the next record and other multi-media activities.

Most of the gear that we use is homemade and DIY with heavy focus on metal springs and clanging things. Piezo elements are used as pick ups for amplification. Car springs are used in a similar way that one would use traditional cymbals. Screen door springs produce a wide range of multi-tonal scrapes, bangs and crashes. The garage door spring has the deepest growl of the bunch. The LoBro uses a screen door spring that is moderately heavy stretched across a piece of Brazilian Rosewood. The spring is tuned to A1, the lowest note on the piano and uses a Humbucker pick up. Aluminum dowels and inch electrical, metallic tubing are used as the striker and slide for this instrument. A chorus of cowbells, sheet metal and other found objects round out the percussion along with a traditional drum set. All instrument amplification are DIY, single-ended tube amps.

We are watching you, watching us.